School Policy

Unity Nursing Institute expects all students to attend all classes, labs, and clinical days as scheduled. The school is very strict about this policy. Attendance of all the above is mandatory. Arriving late to class or lab or returning late from break will result in a tardy for that day by the instructor. The first three tardies result in a conference with the Director. For six tardies, the student will have a written warning. Lastly, if a student acquires nine tardies, the student will be terminated from the program. Students scoring below 75% on the second test will have a conference with the Director who will work with the student on how to improve their knowledge on the program and hopefully help with their final test.

NOTE: Students have to be willing to accept the Director’s assistance.

Unity Nursing Institute Refund Policy

The school has maintained and published a policy on refunds in the student catalog. Part of what is stated is that the refund of the unused portion of the tuition, fees, and other changes in the event of the student not starting or withdrawing from a course or is discontinuing therefrom. A full refund will be given to any student who withdraws before the first day of class or the school cancels the class. A seventy-five percent (75%) refund will be given if the student withdraws on day one to day seven, and will be twenty-five percent (25%) on day nine. No refund on day ten.