CPR & First Aid Training

Let the CPR and First Aid Training but the first stone on your path to success as a healthcare professional. This training program is the preparatory course for CNA students and will cover the following topics (instruction and application):

  • Foundational Skills in CPR
  • AED Skills
  • Choking Relief
  • First Aid
    A healthcare trainee during her cpr class
    • Burns, Wounds, Bruises and Body Injuries
    • Allergic Reaction and Food Poisoning
    • Seizure
    • Asthma Attack
    • Animal Bites
    • Bone Fractures and Splinting
    • Electric Shock

    Program Tuition and Fees

  • First Aide Fee : $25.00
  • CPR Fee : $40.00
  • Three hours duration for CPR

    FEBRUARY 15TH 2017
    APRIL 12TH 2017
    JUNE 7TH 2017
    JULY 26TH 2017
    OCTOBER 11TH 2017
    NOVEMBER 29TH 2017