What training programs are offered at Unity Nursing Institute?

For aspiring healthcare professionals we offer these programs at Unity Nursing Institute.

Nurse Aide Training (CNA)
CPR & First Aid Training

   How many hours does the CNA Program take?

One hundred and fifty-five (155) hours for 5 weeks total.

   When does the school year start and end?

The academic year begins from January through December.

   Where do I take the Nursing Aide Certification Exam after I finish the program?

Please visit our website often for schedules and locations of the CNA Testing. Or, you can call Unity Nursing Institute at 704-525-1448.

   What are the pre-requisites for enrollment in your CNA Training program?
  • GED or General Equivalency Diploma
  • First Aid Certification
  • Drug Test
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • CPR Training and Certification
  • Vaccinations and Free from Communicable Diseases
  • Passing the Physical Health Exam