Enrollment Application

To be eligible for enrollment in our CNA training program, you must meet the following pre-requisites:

  • GED or General Equivalency Diploma
  • Drug Test
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Vaccinations and Free from Communicable Diseases

The following are not required but it will be very helpful if you have prior experience or stock general knowledge in:

  • Patient Care or Working in a Healthcare Setting
  • Human Anatomy
  • Medical Terminology

Once enrolled, you and other CNA training students will go through the well-structured program that covers the following topics:
A healthcare trainee and her professor during their nurse aide training

  • Human Anatomy / Body Mechanics
  • Nutrition Monitoring / Diet Education
  • Disease Management and Symptom Control
  • Nursing Care – Basic and Complex Care
  • Care Practices and Techniques – Age-Specific Training
  • Infection Control Procedures
  • Activities of Daily Living Assistance
  • Safety in Patient Care Delivery
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Taking and Monitoring Patient’s Vital Signs
  • Mobility Skills Training and Support

CNA 1 Program Tuition and Fees

  • Registration Fee : Non Refundable Fees : $25.00
  • Tuition / Handouts Others Supplies : $480.00
  • Tuition can Paid in Full or
    • $240.00 Before Admission day
    • $240.00 on second week of class

Please note others expenses include the following:

  • State exam fee, Payable to Pearsonvue : $101.00 (Have your money before attending  Clinical).
  • Uniform and Shoe for Clinical : Set of navy blue (pant and top) Student will purchase uniform from outside the school.
  • TB skin test (require before admission) : $20.00 at the school or from your doctor’s office.
  • Drug Test (require before admission) : $40.00 at the school or form your doctor’s office.
  • Background check (require before admission) : $40.00 at the school or from the police/sheriff’s department.

To enroll at Unity Nursing Institute, please submit the required information in the form:
Download Application Form